Nashville Lofts and Condos

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A true loft for Nashville (or "hard" loft) is a conversion of a vintage factory or warehouse, having a harder edge of either concrete construction, or "mill" construction of exposed brick and original wood posts, beams and floors. Ceilings should be over ten feet high at least. This is increasingly very important for loft purchasers, as developers are now building condos with slightly higher ceilings than in the past. It is the height that helps give a loft the feeling of air and space. Larger windows and open concept layouts also help.

Ceilings are unfinished and pipes and heating ducts are exposed. Do not expect to find a 1,000 square foot loft divided up into two bedrooms and a den. It will much more likely have a kitchen and a bathroom with the rest of the space left as one large open room, which you can work with and use according to your own functions and needs. Some people think a loft means you have a second mezzanine level overlooking the floor below, but this is simply one style of loft. The other great thing about lofts is that most of them are zoned live/work, which makes it easier to operate a business out of your home.

Check whether there are Tennessee or federal tax advantages or write-offs available. Another type of lofts in Nashville are newly constructed lofts (or "soft lofts"), which are for the most part "Condos With High Ceilings", and are examples of Nashville condo developers trying to cash in on the popularity of lofts.

There are hundreds of people moving downtown and it's not surprising why. The District is one of Nashville's most exclusive places to call home. With many fine restaurants, clubs, concerts venues, museums and offices only blocks away, living in downtown Nashville is being in the middle of it all. You and your friends can attend block parties, open-air concerts, and experience all the excitement of living in a major urban center. Experience from the front row Nashville's timeless beauty and surprising quaintness. Live in our neighborhood, where you are always welcome.